Born and raised outside Washington, DC, I grew up in a family that helped foster my creativity from an early age. When I attended the Torpedo Factory Art Center in Alexandria during the summer I felt under-skilled but was encouraged by my teachers to pursue my passion. I took every art class I could, and ended up attending a great art school in Richmond, Virginia. Even though I'm passionate about painting and illustration, I connected with the drive behind design - solving problems. I absorbed my life into design, excited for class and critique, and probably annoyed my classmates for wanting to stay afterwards to keep the discussions going.

I'd been working on identity design during the summer, establishing my first design studio in 2008. Before graduating, I was approached by a local agency and landed a job as a part-time designer. After graduating, I moved into a full time position where my responsibilities grew. I worked with a variety of clients, with projects ranging from mobile applications and digital products to corporate brands and copywriting.

I love the fast paced environment, the opportunity to constantly learn and improve how we work. Yet something was still missing. For years, the urge to travel and see the world had been growing. Someone once said that being a good designer was to be a good communicator, and that the more forms of communication you've experienced, the better. I reached the point where I knew it was time. After almost six years, I was ready to pack up and embark on my own.

I've been working independently as an artist and designer since 2016 while traveling internationally. I've gotten to experience some incredible people and places, all while doing what I'm passionate about. Still want to know more? Let's talk!


I've had the opportunity to work with some great clients.
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