The Overstay


The Overstay is an art space, venue, and backpacker hostel in Bangkok, Thailand. They wanted to refresh their identity to highlight the community environment their hostel encourages. We stayed in Bangkok for a month to develop the new logo, along with posters, tshirts, and a basic identity manual.


In 2017 I had the opportunity to stay in Bangkok for about a month. During the time, I got to know the owners and learn about their mission to preserve local art & music in the city. They're a locals place, but wanted to improve their image and been seen as a legitimate and respected business.

What struck me about The Overstay was how close everyone was, with many long-term guests, regular local bands, and friendly staff. They liked to call themselves family, which I felt crucial to their look and attitude.

This notion evolved into using the motif of the home, warmed by the sun. Styled based on elements of thai culture, using a traditional building and other visual elements, cemented this as being a place unique to Bangkok, and unique to Thailand.


  • Lead Design - Matt Stay
  • Owner - Yuval
  • Photography - Florian