Knife & Skillet

Save Time, Cook More, Live Happy

Start Cooking
The Tools

Don’t you love it when cookbooks give you a 30-item equipment list as a starting point? Let's try 3.

8-Inch Straight Edge Chef's Knife

Buying a chef’s knife is a lot like buying a musical instrument. There will be a lot of variation, even among instruments of the same kind. As an amateur chef, you want an instrument that is not only appropriate to your current skill level and budget, but also one that won’t hold you back as your skills improve.

12-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

“Francis Mallmann, the most famous chef in South America, has classical French training, which involves using high-end copper pots and pans. He still prefers cast-iron, because nothing transfers heat more uniformly.”

The Techniques

Cooking is about technique, not memorizing recipes. Learn a few basic skills and never waste time looking for recipes again.

Learn the Skills
The Inspiration

Already cooking basics like a champ? Get inspired by video channels from some of the greats.

Anthony Bourdain

No Reservations, Parts Unknown

Jamie Oliver

Food Tube, Jamie at Home, Food Revolution

Gordon Ramsay

Kitchen Nightmares, Home Cookery Course